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Hi guys!

Its been a while since I put up a post , I wanted to take a break and spruce up the blog with a new design but the design is taking forever and I couldn’t wait anymore. A lot of interesting things have happened since my last post. Kunmi has started school (of course I cried on his first day) and before he started school he could already say A B C and 1 2 3. I am so proud of the little guy. I struggled with the deciding if it was time for school because he is not even 2 yet but I now I am so sure I made the right choice by enrolling him in preschool.

Finding the right preschool was hard work! Near;y every school was asking for more than a bride price to teach A B C and watch cartoons. I even went to a school that was charging over a million Naira for a school year and that to me is ridiculous. I will do a proper article on preschools but this post for pictures and captions. So enjoy!

photo 1_3


Breakfast at wheatbaker, he kept on calling the waiter aunty and asking her to do things for him , he’s very bossy lol

photo 2_3


After the crying, when I went to pick him up, he looked like he had seen things photo 3_2


Kunmi’s first day at school, the gateman at school said madam he cried from his soul lmao, now he is his teacher’s assistant  bossing the kids around and telling them how to do their work, i feel like i have a baby Obama in my house lolphoto 4_2



Kunmi was invited to a beach party, so this was his outfit, when he got there he actually jumped into the big pool, I had to fling my phone into the water and grab him out , I was sooo scared and he thought it was funny smhphoto 5Kunmi’s big boy room, I will do a special post on how to create the perfect space for your toddler. I am really happy that he actually stays in his room, apparently most babies don’t.

Christmas is around the corner and I am working on a live event for ftmbaby called FUN AT THE NORTH POLE it will be some where in LEKKI PHASE 1 and it will be magical so make sure you follow us on instagram @ftmbaby and twitter @ftmbaby for deets. I am so excited about it but I will spill the details later.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Temilola@ftmbaby.com


Sex after baby



Now that the eagle has landed, the baby has been born and you are sort of getting back to normal, your husband has forgotten about the price of the hospital bill and he has started scoping you, looking for how and when he can dive into the ocean. He is wondering how he can make use of your boobs that are now fuller but he is also considering if he can even touch them because he doesn’t want boob juice in his mouth.

While all this is happening in his head you are singing  things are not the same as before levels don change now …. and thinking your Vagina must now be as wide as 3rd mainland after that baby’s head just came out of it. Well I can tell you it probably isn’t and you should not worry about things like that.

The Dr’s will tell you (or at least my Dr told me) not to have sex until after my 6 week appointment and I was totally fine with that. I actually thought it was funny because I knew I will not have anytime for skelewu’ing but I was wrong.

You see my husband loves to dance skelewu A LOT (wink wink) more than I do, I believe sex is like Icecream, you want it sometimes but not all the time because there are people dying in Africa and you really can’t concern yourself with sex all the time (I know a lot of guys are judging me now) but that is just how I feel.

So instead of waiting the whole 6 weeks , my husband (not me) decided to have sex anyway and I remember thinking I was going to die of guilt because of that. It was a little painful because of the stitches but everything else was normal and even better than before I had the baby actually. If you are going to be disobedient which I don’t think you should be please wait till all the bleeding is out of the way which is about 3 weeks or so.

So I would say don’t be scared ,if anything thing might actually get better, you might say bye-bye to your Libido like me but eventually everything will balance out, make sure you also get your hubby to read up on things like this so he knows whats going on with you if you don’t feel up to it.

Let me know how you handled sex after baby, how soon did you get back on the field?

If you want to talk about anything feel free to email Temilola@ftmbaby.com



Ftmbaby Giveaways – Bambiano Teething Jewellry

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Teething can be a horrible experience for both mummy and baby and anything to make that period a little easier for mummy and baby deserves an award as far as I am concerned, so when Bambiano sent me their teething Jewellry to review I could never refuse. Companies like Bambiano that provide innovative solutions to both baby and mummy problems have won my heart and I absolutely love the fact that it is a Nigerian brand.

The packaging is screams awesomeness its fun and modern at the same time, I got sent the pink necklace and pink bangle. Although the beads look hard they are actually soft enough for the baby to bite and I love that the necklace had a breakaway clasp so the baby cant choke you out with it, it just breaks away.

photo (10)

At the time I received it Kunmi was doing really well growing his teeth so I had no real use for it. Until one day he just completely changed , he was irritable and cranky and was just trying to bite everything within his reach so I thought this will be a good time to try the products. I gave him the necklace and he just knew what to do, he put it round his neck and started chewing away and we used it for another month. I just wash and go, you can also cold sterilize it as well using Milton tablets.

photo 2_2

I totally recommend this product. Its is fun , practical , modern and safe because its BPA free and its made with practically all the things used to make pacifiers and bottle teats.  It is also very affordable and you can purchase it on the website www.bambiano.com

I cannot give you all this gist without giving out freebies, so 2 lucky mummies are going to get Jewelry Teethers from Bambiano.

All you need to do is follow us on instagram @ftmbaby. Then log into rafflecopter below and you stand a chance to win. Goodluck Everyone.


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The Toddling months

I never imagined taking care of a toddler was serious business, I didn’t even think there will be a difference which really tells on my level of intelligence. I mean for a smart person, I have a lot of daft moments. Mummies do not be like me, prepare your self in every way possible, mentally, physically , emotionally and spiritually.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

When Kunmi discovered his legs aka started to walk things went sideways all his dreams had come through and his rule of tyranny began, he would walk into a place and under 10 mins the place will be upside down. He also did not believe in sitting down or lying down until he actually wanted to take a nap , I would try to explain to him that this walking thing is not that big a deal and he would have to walk his whole life but I don’t think he understood anything I said.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

At 14 months he became Christopher Columbus always looking for answers and trying to figure out how things worked when I say things I mean EVERYTHING including my car, at this age I realized Kunmi is actually a smart child and I have a quick story

Once upon a time Christopher Kunms was out exploring the living room and I stumbled into him holidng my car keys. Hewas by the front door and he wanted to go outside so I thought ‘why not, lets go’ so we went outside and he walks over to my car and tries to open the door with the key. I was so intrigued by the way this was turning out and  I wanted to know what he could possibly be up to so I went ahead and opened the car for him.

We sat down at the drivers seat and then touches the steering and tries to put the key in the ignition at this point you can imagine I am shocked but I am trying to keep it together so I do not spook the boy, so It put the key in the ignition and I start the car and what he did next blew my mind. He then went on to adjust himself, he held the steering, then he tried to move the gear and I screamed lol.I was so impressed I could not hold it together anymore, the poor boy was so scared but  now I know never to leave him with the car keys because he might just pull a baby’s day out on me one of these days. That’s my story , moving on.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetCollages

At 16 months he became a chatterbox, he cracks jokes and he imitates. He would come to me look into my eyes, wag his baby finger and say no,no,no. The boy is hilarious.

Things he can say






G’ma (my mum)






Bye Bye


Tise (His bff)

Give me

Thank you

Let’s go







That’s all I can remember

Now at 18 months, he is a good boy. He actually listens although he can be stubborn (I have no idea where he gets that from) over all he is definitely better behaved. He is into books now, looking at the pictures and sometimes tearing the pages. He scribbles, colors and we have been getting into play dough as well after got him to stop trying to eat it. His favorite meal is Chips and Ketchup. He plays really good football and he loves Elmo and Barney.

How have you been dealing with the baby to toddler transition? Drop a comment and let me know and if you would like to talk about anything just email temilola@ftmbaby.com



Weekend Flow – Bonding time with Kums

As a working mum I always feel like I don’t spend enough time with my baby so I always try to do fun things with him when I can and Kunmi loves going out , so much so that I am positive that if he could just live in a tent outside the house he be out there before you can say Barney. So whenever I can, we always go out and just have a ball. Now when I say go out its doesn’t have to be fancy , babies don’t ask for much. It could be as simple as taking him grocery shopping and letting him ride the cart or putting things in it, Kunmi loves that because it makes him feel in charge, he sooo cute.

photo (6)

This weekend , I had planned to take Kunmi out but  I had to go to the market with my sisters and my mum unexpectedly, to buy fabric  for a relatives birthday and my mum suggested that we take Kunmi and I was like WHHHHHHHATTTTT! Then she said we could take his buggy and I knew there was something wrong with her at that point , just imagine a baby in a buggy in the middle of Tinubu square (TOTAL INSANITY DAWG!) there is no way in this life that you can compare the Lagos ‘high street’ to Oxford street. The funny thing is that upon all the insanity I actually went along with the plan minus the buggy though I mean there was four of us anyway so how bad could it be we would just rotate baby carrying duty.

photo (8)

So we jumped in the car, shades on feeling like bad babes , we got down and we were strolling into the market, my mum was carrying the baby and GBAM! she and Kunmi came crashing down. As in, they fell onto the ground, and then I became an Africa Magic Yoruba mummy panicking and talking about how my American baby has fallen down in a Lagos market ( HI NEVA EVA NEVA HEXPEDED HIT)

photo (7)

They got up , Kunmi cried (he was totally traumatized) but for the most part everyone was fine , we got in to the market , he made some friends and then he wanted to get down , he started trying to put on random generators and people were shocked at how sharp Kums was.

We got out and took pictures and people were looking at us like we were cute tourists so we started speaking fake french it was the funniest thing. All in all we all had a great time despite the fall.

photo (9)

Taking time out with the kids is something every mummy should do what do you do with your babies? Let me know.

Remember if you want to talk about anything just email Temilola@ftmbaby.com



Inside Baby Mamas – Pushing

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You go into the labour room knowing you have to push but not necessarily knowing how to do it, do you just squeeze your face or scream real loud or what? If you didn’t feel this way I have to say you gurl are a superstar because I had not the slightest idea of how to push.

The pushing phase is the second stage of labour and it usually happens after you are fully dilated , now at this stage some people feel the natural urge to push and some people don’t, I guess that is why people say there are 2 ways to push. One being the mother-baby led way and the second being the coached way. The mother-baby led pushing is when your body sort of lets you know when to push , its a natural urge and you body sort of goes into auto pilot and your brain just know this is what you should be doing, while the coached way is when the nurses or Dr tell you to push. They would usually count from 1-10 then you take a deep breath and start all over again.

Both ways usually get the job done, which one is the best way? I have not the slightest idea. I have always been a fan of doing what feels right. That doesn’t mean you should ignore your caretakers i.e Dr’s and Nurses just try to find a healthy balance,.

Now that is out of the way, I am going to tell you how to push. Its probably the easiest and the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. Now considering the fact that I failed maths nearly every time I did an exam or test I must say I am really proud of my pushing formula and here it is

The P Formula ( Pushing Baby = Taking a dump)

I promise you that is all it is, just think back to all those times you had a really hard poo to push out, pushing a baby is just like that and luckily for me I felt the urge when it was time and I started pushing even before they allowed me to , I just could not hold it in and four pushes later out came baby Kunms!

If you have any questions or you just want to talk you can reach me via email Temilola@ftmbaby.com




Weaning Diaries – Bottle to Beaker

Hey Mummies!

Its been nearly a month since I have put up a post, I have been soooo busy. Kunmi is 17 months now and he is A HANDFUL , he is like a mini baby agbero its so sad , I am actually considering buying a little ruler for smacking his bum bum.

I have also been holding off on ftmbaby fav’s till Kunmi turns 18 months to do an early toddle ftmbaby favs so expect to learn all our fav’s next month.

I was inspired to write this post by a lady I met in church who asked me when and why Kunmi was using a sippy cup/beaker for his milk and I realized most first time mums probably do not know when and why you do this.  Before I give you my gist, I must say I am no professional and most of the parenting I do is really pay as you go or maybe mummy as you feel will be more appropriate.

photo (3)

Now Kunmi has been using his sippy cup since he was 6 months for things like water and juice and he would just normally have milk in his bottle. He loved his sippy cup so much because it made him feel like he had some control and he generally just felt like a big boy with it and that made me very happy until I noticed  he had a different relationship with the feeding bottle and when he had it he  was just always lazy, he would never want to hold his bottle himself and he always sucked even when there was nothing left in the bottle just because he liked the sucking. So as a bad sharp super mummy I knew it was time to break the relationship before it became more than I could handle, he was about 12 months at this time.

photo (4)

I already had several sippy cups but I also got some nuby cups to review from topbabiesng.com and I really liked them and they were also affordable and they could take up to 10 o.z, so i started with new cups so he felt they were special which always works all the time. Babies always pay attention to something that is new.

Please make sure the sippy cup you pick is age appropriate and it can actually take the proper amount of milk for your baby. We don’t want baby to cry because he/she is still hungry.

It took him 3 days to get used to the idea of drinking milk from the sippy cup but it was very easy for me to wean him from the bottle and for that I am truly grateful to the kid. You on the other hand might not be so lucky, just remember that every child is different.  Do not be scared, babies can smell fear , at least that’s what they say in the movies lol. The transition is very easy, all I did was to reduce the amount of meals he had with his bottle. So if your baby has 3 bottles every day, you will give him/her 2 bottles of milk and one sippy cup and increase at your own pace till they are bottle free.

All in all I would say make it fun, you can give the sippy cup a name and always tell your baby they have done a good job once they have finished a meal in their sippy cup.

If you have an questions or you have a weaning tip or story of your own please email me temilola@ftmbaby.com

photo (5)


Happy Children’s day/ FTMbaby is 1!!!!!!


Happy Children’s day to all the babies out there! We love you! I am so happy its Children’s day not only because I get to celebrate my beautiful baby but it also happens to mark the day I officially started FTMbaby and today we are one! I can say (HI NEVER EVER HEXPEDEDIT)

I would like to say a big big big oroboisious thank you to everyone that reads this blog and to everyone who keeps coming back , to those who send me encouraging emails and to those who drop comments. Your support means a lot to me, you guys are awesome!!! I have put up our special FTMbaby poster above and you can download it as a screensaver by just saving the picture ,  I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Now to the main main.  You see when I was little, Children’s day meant nothing to me, it was just a day that you didn’t go to school. I didn’t get ice cream or hugs or even a smile, I got nada. So I am struggling with what to do for Kums, or what not to do. Maybe I am just supposed to hug him and not shout at him for the day or let him swim in the toilet free of charge, which he does now and I don’t even see how that is a cool thing. Kids and their weirdness.  I also thought of taking him somewhere special during the weekend although the economy is quite deliciously low in my account right now. Is children’s day something you celebrate? Let me know what you and your kids get up to, don’t forget to send pictures Temilola@ftmbaby,com


Let’s talk money – Taking care of baby

FTMbaby money tip

I got an email a while ago from someone asking me to write about the financial implications of having a baby. I thought it was a great topic to write on but I kinda needed more time to be a parent before I could write about it and right now I think I am fully inspired to do just that. I always say having a child is a blessing, I mean hundreds, in fact millions of women are out there praying for a child at this exact moment. So the fact that I have one is something to thank God for constantly.

But I cannot lie, I sometimes think of how rich I would be if I didn’t have a child and before you judge me I know this is sad but it pops in once or twice and I am sure every parent has thought about this at some point, if you tell the truth.

Now to the main main. Having a child can be cheap and expensive all at the same time it all depends on the choices you make as a parent. You are probably wondering what choices?  Well choice like where you have your baby, what formula you give that baby if any. what brand of diapers. what school will they go blah blah all these choices affect how many zeros will be on that cheque.

If you don’t eat more than you can chew as they say , you should be fine. It can be exciting when it is your first, and you want to buy everything in this world but just calm down and be objective about things, you don’t need that diaper genie , that you think you need and your baby doesn’t need a ton of clothes at this stage because they become so big , so fast. So save that dosh, because you will need that money sooner than you think, for other crazy things like school fees which I will write about later.


Losing yourself and getting you back


Recently I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed, I feel like everyone wants a piece of me and there is nothing left to give, I am too busy solving other people’s problems, being a wife , a mum, a sister . a daughter and a worker. It becomes very tough to deal with all of these things. I can’t help but think how and when did I become like this , how did I become the most boring human being alive. You feel like you have lost a little bit of yourself and you have become a different person and I know a lot of mummies feel like this at some point or another.

So I have decided to have a ME day tomorrow, I am going to ship Kunmi away, switch off my phone and tell Timi to shove off. Do the things I love , pamper myself, dance naked, read a book , drink some wine and just live my life and try to find myself again under all the layers of diapers, baby tears, clothes and poo and just love being Temi without having to think of making breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 boys. I am soooo looking forward to tomorrow.

If you have ever felt this way , how did you handle it? I would love to know. You can comment below and for more secretive talks you can email me Temilola@ftmbaby.com