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  • How much TV is too much?


      When I left to have Ire,I left Kunmi with his daddy and his nannies , considering the fact that the hubby is always busy I think its safe to say I technically left him with his nannies and that probably doesn’t make me mother of the year but what was I really supposed to […]

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  • Children’s day giveaway!


        Happy Children’s day!!!! and Happy  3rd birthday to FTMbaby! To celebrate this fabulous day, I will be giving out a few Children’s books courtesy of Mango Books which is an imprint of  QPL Publishing (Publishers of Possessed by Olasupo Shasore)   The books are Dad Goes to School by Mandy Collins MANDY COLLINS […]

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  • Day tripping with the Boys

    Kunmi is still in love with his daddy and it is super annoying, I mean if I am going to have just boys are they not supposed to love and adore me and basically kiss me all the time. Apparently Kunmi didn’t get the memo thankfully Ire is still super into me, it could be […]

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  • Kunmi & Ire Instaflow


    This is Ire at Kunmi’s 3rd birthday celebration in January. We had a  play date with Kunmi’s bestie and our resident baby brother, he was the first to “arrive” and he sat in this chair for an impressive amount of time without any tears. Kunmi however was Kunmi ( loud, always crying and just generally […]

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  • Happy Holidays!


      Happy Holidays! Hope you all had a fantastic time over Christmas and New year. I was working all through the holidays so I am so tired and stressed. Christmas was interesting with two kids and no nannies (they all went away for the christmas holiday), Kunmi was crying all through as usual which gets […]