Cultivating Good habits

Cultivating Good habits in ourkids-2


If we are completely honest with ourselves we are not the best human beings, talk more of being the best mothers but we can help our children try to be better than us especially in a world where all the wrong things seem to look cool.

We need to teach our children that its ok not to follow the crowd and its ok to have a different opinion on things. We need to teach them to be kind, to be selfless and to always help those around them in need of assistance. If you believe in God you need to teach them to pray, to be respectful of everyone those older, those younger and even their mates.

We need to teach them to be clean , always brush your teeth and have a bath, wash your clothes and clean your room. We need to tell them they can’t have everything they want. We need to teach the the value of money , and tell them the reward of handwork. We need to teach them to be honest in their ways and let them know its alright to make mistakes as long as they learn from them and pick themselves up.

The list is long and its not the easiest thing to do, sometimes you are going to have to be tough, or even hurt them to teach them a lesson but its important that we try and cultivate good habits and morals in our children so they become better human beings, so they can be better people , better leaders, better teachers , better doctors, better policeman and soldiers so we can have a better world and its all up to us mummies. You hold the future of the world in your hands, you rock them to sleep, wipe their tears when they cry please make the world better by raising better children.

Which habits have you started instilling in your babies? Tell us your method in the comments section, lets all help one another. If you need to talk about anything you can email me Temilola@ftmbaby.com


Day tripping with the Boys

Kunmi is still in love with his daddy and it is super annoying, I mean if I am going to have just boys are they not supposed to love and adore me and basically kiss me all the time. Apparently Kunmi didn’t get the memo thankfully Ire is still super into me, it could be because of the boob juice but time will tell.

So to bribe Kunmi and to show him who really loves him the most I set out to find new ways to blow his baby mind to pieces, in my search for a dragon I found the next best thing a place in Lagos with rides and animals. Kunmi is so into animals , he mentions them all day, mimics them and basically wants to be best friends with his daddy and a “Caballos” which I recently found out is horse in Spanish (Thanks Dora the explorer)

So we set out on a day trip with Kunmi, Ire and Kehinde to a place close to Epe and we had fun , we went on rides, we saw the zoo, a few wax figures and some fishes in their version of whats sea world should be. Here is our trip in pictures








Do you know of any other cool places to take the kids drop a comment below and tell us about it, If you want to talk to me about anything you can email me Temilola@ftmbaby.com


Review: Pampers Diapers



I am a big advocate of Made in Nigeria goods especially in these hard times we are now in. However I have also found that when big brands start producing in Nigeria or for Nigerians the quality is not that good as if to say you guys are not worth the best and I find that highly irritating. Diapers are very important to a mum because you want the best , you want something that won’t be bulky , something that will stay dry because dealing with diaper rash is a traumatising experience for any mum and if you are into cute things you also want it to look cute.

When I had Kunmi I tried the Nigerian Pampers and I was highly disappointed, it was never dry and it used to swell up like crazy so his diapers will always sag like he had been wearing it for days and it just was not going to work for me even if it was cheaper because it meant he was never really dry and he would have diaper rash and it was bad.

So when I heard Tiwa Savage was the new Pampers ambassador I was disappointed , I mean I am all for making money but if you are going to be telling millions of Nigeria mums to buy a product at least endorse a good product.


(Tiwa and I, when she stopped by the studio for a chat)

While I was busy thinking these thoughts I got an email asking me to review Pampers and before I could say No (like they knew I would be hesitant) they told me they had improved it and its a completely new product (Diaper) so because of that I decided I might as well give it a try.

They sent me a months supply of diapers for size 3 which is for babies that weigh 4-9kg, the pack has 10 diapers in it, the actual look of the diapers are nice , they have nice cartoon like designs on it so its nice to look at which I really like. The diapers are not heavy to start with so it was quite easy for Ire to wiggle and move around in them. I also noticed that the new pampers stretches which is great because you can make the diapers as tight or as loose as you want it either way you can get a comfortable fit for the baby.


The pampers also have Super Gel technology which is supposed to lock away the moisture so even if baby pees or poo’s the pampers are supposed to stay dry and as we all know how much I am terrified of Nappy Rash I find keeping baby dry very very extremely important. To test this out I wore pampers for Ire at night just before bed and I can say I was pleasantly surprised the Pampers did stay dry and they didn’t bulk up as much as the Old Pampers used to.

IMG_5588                                                                                    (After a night’s sleep)

We have been using the diapers for a little over 2 weeks now and no Nappy rash! Over all I would say I am impressed by the new product, it so much better than it used to be and its a step in the right direction. Its gets the thumbs up from me! Dry Diapers! Happy Baby!


Have you tried the New Pampers? Let me know if it worked for your baby and if you would like to talk about anything you can email me temilola@ftmbaby.com



Kunmi & Ire Instaflow


This is Ire at Kunmi’s 3rd birthday celebration in January. We had a  play date with Kunmi’s bestie and our resident baby brother, he was the first to “arrive” and he sat in this chair for an impressive amount of time without any tears. Kunmi however was Kunmi ( loud, always crying and just generally dramatic).


This was taken at one of our mummy and me play time in my room, the picture was really supposed to be with only Ire because he could sit at 3 months but Kunmi wanted to be in the picture as well so he pulled Ire close to him lol It was hilarious and Ire looks like he just wants to be left alone


Kunmi is very into school, he loves it , he loves the work and he’s actually excited about home work, I hope this lasts forever lol. This photo was sent to me by his teacher Ms. Sophie

Ire likes to stand so I bought him a walker on Monday and he loves it , he has also started crawling although in a very funny way but he just turned six months and I am so proud of him. I know some of you will be wondering why I haven’t put up Ire’s birth story yet but 6 months later I am still trying to gather my thoughts on it because it was very intense. I’ll try to put it up soon. If you would like to share your birth story please send me an email temilola@ftmbaby.com


Baby for adoption!



I got an email from a young lady who asked me to put this up, please assist anyway you can.

“Hi Aunt Temmy,

I tried contacting u on ur blog but 2 no avail,am a
young lady of 24 and 8months pregnant,father wants nothing 2 do with
the child as he is already married with kids,i couldnt go through with
an abortion earlier in d pregnancy,thought i could work somethng out
on my own but things are out of hand now so i want to give my unborn
baby to any good and willing family for a closed adoption.pleas i nid
ur help in finding one soon as i have little time left.(i live in
lagos and this is my number:08092994487)”