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I went away for a little bit to an interesting place in Africa called Kenya!!! and it was a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of Lagos but I have to say i am glad to be back.

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Before I had Kunmi , I used to read a lot , I lived for my books and I think my books loved me too. In comes baby and I haven’t  been able to read a book to the end. I actually had not realised how bad this was until I was asked to review a book on the blog and I have to tell you the author is a superstar for being so patient with me because I have been slacking thank God for Kenya.
The book is called Dear Junia and it was written by Tomi Makanjuola. It is a story about a young girl who dreams about her future daughter and decides to write letters to her , teaching her about herself and also sharing life lessons. In turn the letters gives her courage to try new things and improve herself.
I love this book because as a mum,  I can completely relate. Having a child makes you change and most times for the better , I guess there is something about being responsible for another human being that makes you want to be a class captain. I think I might also write letters to Kunmi for the future (we should all give it a go)
You can purchase this book on Amazon on kindle and paperback
For kindle -


For paperback 

Now because my birthday is Tomorrow, Yes Happy Birthday to me. I am giving out two copies of Dear Junia. To win just enter the give away below and comment on how being a parent has changed you

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FTMbaby Recipe – Homemade Pizza

Its been such a long time that I have put up a recipe and its not because I haven’t been making interesting food, its because I couldn’t find the cord to upload pictures from my camera. I have a feeling its somewhere in Kunmi’s secret treasure trove one day I will be a good mummy and he will reward me with my cord and we will be reunited once again. Until then I have managed to find a make shift cord. Praise the Lord , somebody!

I am still on my healthy living lifestyle and I can say right now I am a calorie counting guru , I am losing the weight but sllllllllllllllowwwwwwly, I keep on begging myself to be patient and it turns out I am pretty good at begging. I had been craving pizza and I was sooo tempted to go on Hellofood and find someone who will deliver to me but instead I opted for making a nice small pizza for myself at home and it was hhhhaaammmazing!!!


The things you need

Pizza Base – Spar

Grated Mozzarella cheese

Diced plum tomatoes



Fresh Basil

Olive oil


Italian Seasoning (Optional)


Ham (Optional)


The main main

Open up your tomatoes and cut them into even smaller pieces , add your garlic , salt , Italian seasoning and a little chopped basil to the tomatoes. Put your base on a chopping board and brush the olive oil on the base. Spread the sauce on the base, then sprinkle your mozzarella on, add your sliced tomatoes , sliced mushroom and ham.

Pre-heat the oven at MEDIUM heat, then pop your pizza in (please put it on baking paper not foil) leave it in for about 15 minutes or till the cheese has melted and the base it brown round the edges.


That’s it guys, correct pizza right at your doorstep. If you try this recipe let me know how it turns out!



Post natal battle scars – Tears and co

Hurray! you have made it your baby is here and you are so happy, fast forward 24hrs and you begin to feel your body again and you feel like you have been run over by a BRT bus 28 times and then you realise you have a tear or an episiotomy and it really sucks. Its OK , you will be fine.

After Kunmi I had a 2nd degree tear and it really bothered me , I couldn’t walk properly , I couldn’t sit properly it just wasn’t cool but here is how I made myself feel better.

.1. Numbing spray and Pain Killers – Please do not be like me and assume you are super woman just because you had a baby and say no to pain killers you will regret it just like I did. If you are bad at swallowing tablets like me I suggest you get a pill crusher. That thing is amazing. Numbing spray helps to numb the area of the cut so its pain free for a little while , you can use this after you have had a shower and after you go to the toilet to stop the stinging .

pain spray

.2. Spritz Bottle: This bottle is a little bottle you can put warm water in to and  spray on the cut after you have used the loo so the cut stays clean and uninfected it also helps with the stinging and it is a must have! Fill it up with warm water just before you use the loo and you will be golden.

spritz bottle

.3. Sitz Bath – This was my ultimate life saver, you cannot do without this trust me. It is very easy to do all you need is a bowl you can squat on or if you can get the special sitz bowl that sits in your toilet seat that will be super. That is what I had. Boil some water put it in the bowl , add some salt ,sit down and let the steam do the magic.


If you have any tips to add , please leave a comment below. Don’t forget I am always available for a chat just email Temilola@ftmbaby.com



Monster in laws and parenting



You meet her for the first time and you are completely in love and you are so happy because you will be one of the few women who get along with their MIL’s then in comes baby and she is just different and you can’t believe it . Well quite a few mamas simply do not see eye to eye with their mother in law. To that I would say don’t worry it happens to the best of us and I feel your pain deep in my bosom.

Parenting is hard work especially for a new mum and you really don’t need someone telling you are doing it wrong all the time its the absolutely worst thing to happen to any mum. I will share my own war tales.

So there was a time my MIL said to me in the most serious tone I hope you are not giving this baby chocolate , Kunmi was 2 months at the time and I was dumbfounded. In my mind I thought that SHE thought I was an absolutely daft person to think of giving a 2 month old child chocolate, I cried my big behind off because it was to me the low key worst thing I have ever heard in my mind.

Ooh and That’s not all. Every time I would go to her house she would moan about the outfit he has on and talk about how a baby should not be wearing jeans and I would get so upset and I can never forget  the time she scrubbed Kunmi’s sins away. It was so hard to watch. I had never seen him cry so hard and when she was done he was bleeding from him neck, I was so upset and I got even more upset later because I had to act like it didn’t bother me at all and I was thinking this cannot be life.

So I have been there, I have collected the badge to that club and I have graduated on top and I can say that I have sort of mastered how to deal with MIL’s and Parenting. Here is how I survived

.1.  Don’t take everything she says seriously: She has probably called you all the names available in the dictionary and you are so sure you will be getting   a mug with worst mum on it for mother’s day, but she probably doesn’t mean half of the things she is saying.

.2. Hubby to the rescue: She is his mum so she is probably going to listen to him over you so make sure you and hubby are on the same page when is come to parenting. If you don’t want your baby downing “agbo” he better say something on your behalf.

.3. Ask her opinion: Even if you are not going to take her advice ask her what she thinks you should do in some scenarios , it will make her feel special. It works all the time.

And that is it! All in all just take it easy , laugh some of it off and you will be fine , it never lasts forever.

Have I left anything out? Let me know how you handle your own Monster in law situation.

If you would like to chat , I am just an email away Temilola@ftmbaby.com

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The Funny 13′s

Kunmi is now 13 months! This month has been filled with a lot of hilarious activities , I didn’t realise how funny the little boy is until now. He fancies himself as an adult and when I scold him he shouts back at me. The first time it happened I couldn’t stop laughing the boy was confused. Oh and the way he eats is something I cannot understand, I will put up a video of him eating so you will understand what I mean.

This month I discovered this fantastic website , http://www.topbabiesng.com I was soooo tripped when  I found it because it has everything that I need and love. Let just say it has nearly everything that I have featured on my FTMbaby Fav’s in previous months. The items are also very affordable and they deliver them right to your doorstep someone say heaven. So I spoke to them and got them to sponsor this month’s FTMbaby Fav’s! So you guys get a discount code to use on the website!


They also have my fav’s for this month all on their website, Here they are

Cot Bed Insect Net : Nigeria will never be Nigeria without mosquitoes but the mosquitoes in my house do not leave its like insecticide is deodorant for them. Its ridiculous. It also seems they have just discovered Kunmi’s baby sweet blood. So I have to protect my son. So I got this cot net and its done wonders for baby Kunms. Thank Jehovah!

picture backup


Nuby Bath Time Squirters: As babies get older they need more entertainment , Kunmi who used to love bath time now wants to display some Jackie Chan moves in the bath so that he gets the water to splash and we cannot allow that to happen so  I got the Nuby bath squirters as a way to keep him entertained while he is having his bath and he loves them. He keeps on trying to put water in them so he can squirt the water in his face. Its also useful after his bath as well.

Tommie Tippee Grooming set: I have this set since day one and it has been so good to me , I recommend this for everyone that is about to have a baby or If you have a new baby its has everything you will need from scissors to themometer.

Nuby Icy bites teether: This has been my Fav before but its making a comeback because Kunmi has rekindled his relationship with it, I would recommend it for all the teething babies.

That’s it for my fav’s this month, make sure you check out http://www.topbabiesng.com the FTMbaby discount code is FTM022014 to be entered at  checkout for orders N10,000 and above valid from 22/02/2014 – 21/03/2014 . Don’t forget you can email me if you would like to talk about anything Temilola@ftmbaby.com


hellofood Give-away!


So our freezer has not been working for the past week and the person that was supposed to fix it has been promising to come back to get it done for days and this is after he collected N30,000 to fix it. This means I have had to buy fresh food and cook three new meals everyday, it has been hell especially with my busy schedule. So when I discovered Hello Food’s website http://www.hellofood.com.ng I was so excited and I have to say it is a life saver because I can order food from almost anywhere and I can get almost anything.
Fullscreen capture 12022014 201934.bmp

It is extremely easy to order. You just enter your location, choose a restaurant, the restaurant delivers and you pay on delivery! They also have a mobile app which you can access here >>> http://www.hellofood.com.ng/contents/apps
Fullscreen capture 12022014 202049.bmp

Before I forget you can also get food from GHANA HIGH! Its Crazy! I definitely know what I am having for lunch tomorrow . You guys are in luck because I will be giving away 5 vouchers to some lucky people. The give-away starts at 12am Tomorrow, so tell all your friends it fit be you oh!

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Kunmi’s Birthday Party Part 1

I have received quite a few emails asking for the low down on Kunmi’s birthday and I am
ready to spill. I have to split this into two because there is a lot to show.  So here are some pictures from the party


Setting up the decor


I will upload the rest of the pictures later on and give you the full details of what went down. This post marks the beginning on FTMbaby Birthdays on the blog, so if you would like me to post your baby’s birthday party just send the pictures to Temilola@ftmbaby.com with the gist about the party.


FTDaddy – Surviving the Crazy 9 months

black preg

You feel very in love , you get a little frisky then you envelope/ swallow the GRENADE and you have a ticking time bomb ready to pop in 9 months and people then say you have become a monster, a cranky , emotional crying monster. Then the hubby’s blame everything that happens to you on the hormones. Do you want to know what I think? I think its the daddies that are the hormones. Think about it every time you acted like a crazy person when you were pregnant or if you are pregnant now its because someone did something stupid and thats someone most of the time is a MAN. It is true. I have my own stories but I’ll leave that for larra hon in dis ride lol. As a result of this I am going to put together a list for daddies , this is what you should do to survive the Crazy 9′s

.1. Listen

Listen well well , listen good , listen all the damn time.

.2. Remember what she said, when you were listening.

If she says please don’t wear perfume because it makes me sick , please remember and act on what she has said. Don’t wear the bloody perfume.

.3. Be selfless

She is growing a human being and believe it or not its tough work and its just for 9 months, so for 9 months it won’t be such a bad thing to focus on her, be sensitive to her needs , be easy on her. Help her with the chores , give her back rubs, tell her she’s pretty, tell her she’s sexy and she doesn’t really waddle like a penguin.

.4. Care about the things she cares about

If she tells you to read a bunch of pregnancy books , please read them. Download pregnancy apps on your phone , follow her for her Dr’s appointments , list out baby names with her. Be excited when she talks about the baby and follow her when she’s shopping.

Don’t forget she still loves you she is just tired and cranky , be there for her and after the baby is here and after her 6 weeks post partum check, she will say thank you the errmmmm proper way.

If there is anything I left out , let me know and Inside moomas if you are going crazy you can talk to me Temilola@ftmbaby.com


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Happy Birthday Ayokunmi

photoI cannot believe its been a year since I pushed this baby out of my special place, I survived the first 365 days may the Lord be praised. I am so proud of where I have come from , I am so proud of my smart cute little boy and I pray he grows up to be an amazing human being. Happy Birthday My Baby Kums, My sunshine, My love , My miracle. You light up my life in more ways than you know and you are probably the only one that drives me crazy and makes me happy all at the same time. Mummy loves you and I thank you for choosing me to be your mummy and I hope I never let you down. Happy Birthday Baby!



Dealing with constipation

Some few months back Kunmi was dealing with some serious constipation and I felt soo sorry for him , we had recently changed his milk to something else and I suspect that was the cause of the problem, we have since changed his milk back to the good milk.

It was scary watching Kunmi strain so hard to poo , it reminded me of the first time I pooed after having Kunmi (You can read all about it in my birth story), it was Tragic.

So I am going to let you mooma’s know how to deal with constipation.

Things you might need

Water, Fruits, Cotton Bud, Petroleum Jelly and Cod Liver Oil 

images (3) images (2) images (1) images (4) images


The Main Main

Breast feeding is always the best option when it comes to feeding a baby, now I do understand sometimes it might not be possible for a mother to breast feed so you have to give your baby formula and that always comes with some possible scenarios one of which is constipation.

I dealt with Kunmi’s constipation by giving him water and home made juices , I cut up some oranges and pineapples and made a juice from it and mixed it with some warm water and he actually liked it. You can only give this to babies that are over 6 months. The juice really helped him and it was a great way for me to sneak the cod liver oil in otherwise he probably will never take it.

Cod liver is great for stimulating the bowls but make sure you check with your baby’s Dr before you give your baby cod liver oil or any kind of medicine.  The cotton bud and jelly is to help baby with the doo doo. You put the cotton bud in the jelly and raise both the baby’s legs into his chest and then insert the cotton bud into his bum and bring it out, this will help the doo doo out. Now by raising baby’s legs to his chest alone helps the doo doo out as well, its great because you are doing some of the work for them so they they don’t strain too hard because it can be really painful I am sure some of us know how bad it can be. Nothing beats some nice kind words from mummy trust me it makes a difference.

Constipation sucks for both baby and mummy but if you handle it well it will pass quickly , do you have other ways you deal with constipation? Please let me know.

Don’t forget to email me if you fancy a chat Temilola@ftmbaby.com