Health & Safety


Medicine and Me

Through out my life I have had a hate relationship with medicine, no love just pure hate. I remember when I was younger my mum used to forced medicine down my throat, she will crush the tablets and force feed me and I would throw up so badly. These incidents severely traumatised me and because […] Read more…


Children Emergency Centre Receives Facelift from Cussons Baby and Illuvia Health Organization

Projecting the brand’s essence of growing together naturally with children, Cussons Baby Nigeria, in an effort to show her commitment to child health, partnered with Illuvia Health Organisation to support the renovation of Olikoye Ransome-Kuti Children’s Emergency Centre at LUTH, and donated medical equipment to foster efficient healthcare services. The project which was unveiled on […] Read more…


Daniel Wellington Watches

Just when I was about to add “Buy Watch” to my to do list, I got an email from Daniel Wellington asking me to do a review on their watch. To be honest I am not really a watch person at all, I find that I always have to remember to wear one every morning […] Read more…