Life with your baby


Iremiposi is here!

  Hello! So baby number 2 is here and its a boy!!! I am sure some of you are like but you knew that. Well for some weird reason I actually believed that he could still be a her and I was going to name him ‘Oluwapamilerin’ which means God made me laugh if that […] Read more…


Once bitten, but I was not shy.

    I have always known that no two pregnancies are the same but some weird reason I didn’t believe it , same way I knew morning sickness was a thing but I just assumed it will miss me because I mean fine girls don’t vomit lol. It is scary how delusional I can be, […] Read more…


I am alive!

      Hey Guys! Its been a while. The last time I wrote a post it was to say I was expecting and since then I have not had the strength to come here and write. That doesn’t mean I have not had drama going on ,  I have had a lot of baby […] Read more…


Kunmi’s Insta flow

Hi guys! Its been a while since I put up a post , I wanted to take a break and spruce up the blog with a new design but the design is taking forever and I couldn’t wait anymore. A lot of interesting things have happened since my last post. Kunmi has started school (of […] Read more…


The Toddling months

I never imagined taking care of a toddler was serious business, I didn’t even think there will be a difference which really tells on my level of intelligence. I mean for a smart person, I have a lot of daft moments. Mummies do not be like me, prepare your self in every way possible, mentally, […] Read more…

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